See how long you get to sleep

TimeUntilAlarm works in two places; the clock app and on the lock screen. In both places several customization options are provided, and they can be enabled/disabled individually.

Clock app

In the clock app the time until each alarm are displayed. You can choose to hide the time for inactive alarms.


In addition to above the switch, you have three more positions to choose from.

Under switch

After text

Replace text

Lock screen

On the lock screen the next active alarm is displayed. You can choose to display the time of the alarm, the remaining time or, as above, both.


The label can be positioned anywhere on the lock screen. Either choose from the presets, (top, under clock, bottom) and (left, middle, right), or choose custom, where you can specify any X and Y value you want.

Hiding conditions

Don't want to see your monday alarm on the weekend? No problem, you can choose to hide the alarm from the lock screen if it's too far into the future. You can also choose to hide it when music is playing, so it doesn't get in the way of the beautiful artworks.

Mutual options

Although you can set these options individually for the clock app and lock screen, they share the same choices you can make.

Time formats

In addition to the short time format above, you have three more to choose from.



No units

Font size

You get a wide range of font sizes to choose from. These are a few.


17 (Default)


Font color

By default the colors match the clock. But if you want, you can pick any color you want.