I make jailbreak tweaks that enhance the iOS experience. My goal is to add functionality to the OS in a non-intrusive way to increase productivity while keeping simplicity.


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See how long you get to sleep.
TimeUntilAlarm displays the time until your alarm goes off.


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See your timer everywhere.
StatusBarTimer puts the timer or stopwatch in the status bar.


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Turn off the lights, quickly.
TwitterThemeToggler adds a night mode shortcut in the Twitter app.


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Fine tune your podcast speed.
PodcastFineTuning removes the limitations of Apple's Podcast app.


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When did I write this?
NotesCreationDate lets you see when your notes were created.


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Never miss that tiny button again.
SnoozeHelper makes the whole screen act like a snooze button.

Betas of updates and new tweaks might turn up on my Cydia repository

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